Privacy Piracy Radio Show Interview

On March 1, 2021, Mari Frank, host of Privacy Piracy Radio show, interviewed Bob and Ben Siegel. Mari Frank, attorney and privacy consultant, is the co-host with Lloyd Boshaw of […]

Our Privacy Services are Expanding

We are a company dedicated to helping organizations develop and implement new or improve existing privacy policies, procedures, and technology, and to fulfill the growing demand for training and privacy […]

Privacy Pro training online or in person

The global coronavirus situation is having a major impact on all of our lives. Many of us have concerns with meeting in large groups, getting on an airplane or taking […]

Introducing Privacy Quick Start™

Throughout your organization you have individuals who are responsible for personal information. Regardless of their being in the privacy office or part of an operational team, these people need to […]

Preparing for new privacy laws.

A true privacy professional will tell you that a privacy program doesn’t have a beginning or an ending. Data privacy is an ever-evolving discipline, where liabilities and risks are incessant. […]

Privacy Ref Expanding Training Locations

Privacy Ref is expanding their training programs to all Privacy Ref centers starting July 29th, 2019. Now you can complete your privacy professional training at our newest locations in Houston, […]