Privacy Program Review

Privacy Ref’s Privacy Program Review process takes a top-down approach to analyzing an organization’s privacy programs and practices. The focus is on actual day-to-day activities of individuals and how they handle personal data as well as the applications and business activities used to process data. This allows us to focus on a rapid, minimally invasive interview and observation process that can take place over a few business days.

Privacy Program Review Process

One of our privacy experts will meet remotely with organizational leaders and other members of your organization to discuss areas of concern as well as the process for the interviews, and will begin the analysis process by reviewing documents and other artifacts.

Our privacy expert will then interview up to 10 key individuals from various areas of the company, supplementing this information by asking them about their daily routines and how they handle the protection of personal information.

We will then prepare and deliver a review report. The report will include:

  • a high-level personal information data inventory,
  • a review of privacy activity governance,
  • an analysis of personal information processing,
  • a high-level statement on applicable legal compliance, and
  • an identification of risks facing your organization due to this processing.

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