Privacy Program Assessment

The requirements for a privacy program are constantly changing. New laws and regulations, revised interpretations of laws and regulations, and changes in your business environment can all lead to a need to review and revise your privacy practices. Privacy Ref has three privacy program assessment offerings to help you assure your practices meet your organization’s needs.

Rapid Privacy Program Assessment ™

Our Rapid Privacy Program Assessment™ process allows you to take advantage of our expertise to assure your compliance with applicable laws and industry best practices.

We leverage the NIST Privacy Framework, Generally Accepted Privacy Principles Model (GAPP), and/or the Privacy Ref Requirements Frameworks™ that breakdown the requirements of a myriad of international privacy laws to document your compliance and your gaps.

We also compare your privacy program’s support of business objectives. This results in a comprehensive report including identification of recommendations with their associated risks and estimated effort to implement

Transfer Impact Assessment

International transfers of personal information is undergoing increased scrutiny by regulators and, therefore, data exporters. Privacy Ref can assist companies in assuring that transferred personal information will be appropriately protected when it is moved to a new jurisdiction through our Transfer Impact Assessment process.      

DIY – Assessment model

If you are interested in performing this analysis on your own, the Privacy Ref Requirements Frameworks™ is available for your use in a subscription model through our DIY – Assessment model.

Privacy program assessment

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