Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

The webinar AI and Privacy Risk, presented by Benjamin Siegel, was a great success! It presented the common benefits, concerns and risk of using AI for business. Here is the […]

Iowa Privacy Law

Iowa establishes a state privacy law In March, a new privacy law was approved in Iowa, which makes them the sixth state to establish a general privacy law for residents. […]

A proposal for an AI Risk Framework

The use of artificial intelligence has become more common place and so I have begun reading and researching more about AI with regards to privacy. AI is a topic of […]

Click to CANCEL

This morning I was listening, much to my children’s chagrin, to NPR as I dropped them off at school. One subject that came up was a new push by the […]

But Why A.I.?

During this past week we celebrated Data Privacy Day. As we usually do, Privacy Ref offered a free two hour presentation to introduce privacy to anyone interested. With over a […]

Trends in privacy tools

The latest trends in the latest privacy operations management tools To keep up with the ever-changing privacy landscape, a lot of businesses have begun tracking their privacy program daily operations […]

CIPP Exam Advice

I had promised Bob that I would take the CIPP/US exam “before the end of 2022” and pushed that to the limit. On December 27th, I took the exam and […]

Should training be “fun”?

We want training to be something that our participants can enjoy. We also know it takes a surprising amount of energy to pay attention to something that may not be […]

Achieving Operational Compliance: Analyzing the Gaps

You’ve created a data inventory, you’ve mapped your processes, and researched the laws and regulations that are applicable to your business. Not surprisingly, there are some gaps between your practices […]

Is there a National Do Not Mail List?

And how does it affect my marketing activities? Opt-out mechanisms for consumers For companies engaged in direct marketing activities, the opt-out mechanism is a known and growing complicating element. The […]