Custom computer-based training

Transform the way your team learns with custom computer-based training!

Here are some of the advantage of our engaging corporate training videos:

  1. Any topic: Privacy issues that matter to your organization
  2. Any audience: Develop for the whole company or just specific departments
  3. Customized: Featuring your company name, your policies, your branding, your examples
  4. Role-based: The components of the privacy training may be geared to specific audiences (i.e. Marketing vs. IT vs. HR)
  5. Edutainment: Animations, quizzes, and real-world scenarios might be employed to help learning retention
  6. Cost-effective: Produced once and used multiple times
  7. Consistent: Everybody receives the same message, but in ways meaningful to them
  8. Flexible: Train a large number of employees simultaneously or at their own pace
  9. Measurable: Track participation and completion rates; metrics may be defined to track effectiveness.

Our corporate training videos are the perfect solution for organizations looking to enhance their employees privacy knowledge. Let our team develop a privacy training video for your organization, featuring your policies, your brand, real company scenarios, and even real employees.

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