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Privacy Ref offers free certification study group and free refresher class to course registrants

Free certification study group

Delray Beach, FL – October 18, 2021 – Privacy Ref, Inc. announced today that it will enhance its Privacy Pro training courses. Privacy Pro course registrants preparing for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) certification examinations will be offered a free voucher for a Certification Study Group and the opportunity to re-take the course for no charge should they fail the IAPP exam in addition to the benefits already offered as part of this training.

Adding Certification Study Groups™ provides a facilitated environment where participants can gain confidence in their privacy knowledge through live on-line discussions with other candidates in a session moderated by a recognized Fellow of Information Privacy. These study groups complement Privacy Ref’s Privacy Pro training but are not affiliated with the IAPP.

As an Official Training Partner of the IAPP, the core of all Privacy Pro training offerings is the course content provided by the IAPP. Each Privacy Pro Training Courses now includes:

  • Our guarantee that the course you sign up for will be held even if you are the only participant (we have never cancelled a class)
  • Participant guide (hard copy and digital)
  • Voucher for the related certification exam
  • Sample questions in digital format
  • Textbook in both hardcopy and digital version
  • Voucher for a Certification Study Group
  • Our promise to allow you to retake the course in the event you do not pass the certification examination.

If you are not an IAPP corporate member, a 1-year membership is also included.

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Virtually every industry is being impacted by new and changing privacy laws, making compliance even more challenging. Privacy-trained employees are an asset to any organization. Privacy Ref remains focused on building the privacy skills of individuals and teams to ensure their organization’s customer and stakeholder information remains protected using practices that are compliant with global laws.   

“We are invested in our students’ success” said Bob Siegel, President of Privacy Ref. “There are many ways to prepare for the IAPP certification exam, but no matter how someone studies, they always seem to have questions remaining. Our Certification Study Groups provide a forum to have these questions answered,” added Siegel. “Should our students fail the IAPP certification exam, they are welcome to re-take the course for free.”

Certification Study Groups™ vouchers must be used within three months of taking the course. IAPP exams must be taken within three months of completing the course. Free courses must be taken within three months of completing the IAPP exam.

About Privacy Ref

Privacy Ref focuses on aligning privacy practices with clients’ organizational and operational goals. The company designs and implements data privacy programs or enhances existing ones, drawing on their experience and industry best practices. Privacy Ref’s highly renowned and credentialed subject matter experts develop custom privacy programs unique to each organization.