Privacy Notice

1       Revised Privacy Notice

Privacy Ref takes the privacy of our clients and visitors seriously. We work to ensure that all personal information we collect is used appropriately, in ways that are expected, and as described in our privacy notice. Privacy Ref’s clients are primarily U.S. based and the Privacy Ref website is intended for U.S. audiences.

1.1     Scope of this privacy notice

Privacy Ref collects personal information when you use our website or interact with our staff. This privacy notice applies to those situations.

We may also collect personal information on behalf of our clients. Our privacy practices in those situations may be found in the agreements we have established with those clients. This privacy notice does not apply in this situation.

1.2     What information we collect and how we use it

Privacy Ref collects information to

·         Process payment information, registrations, and polls when we conduct webinarstrainings, and other Privacy Ref events;

·         Process requests for tools, whitepapers and other free resources;

·         We also collect personal information to communicate with you.

The personal information collected includes contact information (such as first and last name, phone number, email address, country, title, organization) and required payment information when necessary to process purchases. Personal information may also be provided in comment or feedback boxes on the Privacy Ref website, although that is not encouraged.

We may also be collecting information about your visits to our website. Please see the section on Cookies below.

1.3     Sharing information with third parties

Information we collect may be shared with third parties to facilitate the services you have requested.

  • This includes payment information, which is shared with PayPal for processing. Based on your PayPal selection for payment, additional information may need to be provided on the PayPal website directly.
  • You may elect to register for free webinars or events by providing your contact information. This information is shared with the GoToWebinar platform to enable your participation in these events.
  • Privacy Ref uses various third-party providers for services to run our business.

Privacy Ref’s privacy notice does not extend to third party websites. If you click a link that takes you to a third-party website, that third party’s privacy notice will then apply, and we encourage you to review these notices.

1.3.1    Cookies and similar technologies

Privacy Ref uses cookies to improve the website experience as well as to better determine what content on our site you are interested in. These are cookies for tracking performance and visitors to the site. They allow us to know which pages are visited most often, as well as where web-based traffic originates.

Emails from Privacy Ref may also include the ability to determine when emails are read and if any links are opened.

1.4     Protecting your Information

Privacy Ref takes precautions to ensure that your information is only accessed by associates of the Privacy Ref organization. Information we collect and information shared with third parties is protected considering industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

1.5     Contact Us

If you have questions about how your information is processed or believe there has been improper use of your information, please contact Privacy Ref using the below information:

Phone: (888) 470-1528


1.6     Updates to this Privacy Notice

Please note that this notice may be updated at any time; the current iteration was published on June 15, 2022.

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