The Customer Service Privacy Dilemma

One of the toughest jobs in any company is Customer Service. I am thinking of those folks who are on the phone for their entire shift responding to customer questions […]

Privacy Lip Service

A few weeks back I expressed the opinion that Americans do not care much about privacy. I based this conclusion on both a lack of drive pushing privacy legislation forward […]

We are proud to partner with TRU Staffing Partners!

The demand for privacy professionals has skyrocketed, and to support aspiring privacy professionals advance their careers we have partnered with TRU Staffing Partners Scholarship Program to provide four scholarships, two […]

Do Americans Care About Privacy?

This week, we had some interesting news with Facebook, and their parent company Meta, facing massive losses in both users and stock price. Social media users on Twitter, Reddit, and […]

Privacy Ref Turns 10

10 years ago, I was living in Massachusetts looking over a snowy landscape (28 inches deep) on a drab, grey day. More snow was in the forecast and shoveling it […]

Is opt-out consent deceit?

Opt-out consent won’t be tolerated in negative option marketing, according to the FTC. Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission released guidance on negative option marketing considering existing laws, declaring […]

Privacy and the fixed vs. growth mindset

You might have heard of the “fixed mindset vs. growth mindset” psychology concept that helps students overcome failure and make progress in areas of weakness. I’m borrowing the concept and […]

What’s New

With 2021 almost over, we have taken a look at our offerings at Privacy Ref and wanted to share what we are working on. Training Training has begun picking up […]

Can Regulations Promote Good Vibes?

1. Can regulations promote good vibes? The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) posted last week about a new draft regulation from the Cyberspace Administration of China charging service providers […]