Trust but Verify

Trust but verify — what are we talking about here?  Asking which of two pups tore apart the couch pillows?  My teenager’s story of why they missed their curfew?  An individual’s identity for a Data Subject Access Request (or individual rights request based on your privacy geo...

New York Privacy Law

In this video, Ben Siegel updates us on the new state privacy laws, specifically the New York Privacy Law, which was inspired by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Fifty States, Fifty Laws

The big news lately is that individual states are proposing their own privacy laws. California has the California Consumer Protection Act and now New York and Maine have also proposed laws. There has been discussion of a federal law, however it seems unlikely that any kind of landmark legislation...

Privacy Comes at a Price

At Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference last week, the message was all about Privacy. Apple has been more privacy-minded than other tech companies – that’s not news and it’s why I have an iPhone. They’ve introduced some interesting privacy features, such as showing location tracking, which I ...

CCPA is a Shiny Object

The California Consumer Protection Act has gotten a lot of attention recently and rightly so. It is, however, just one of a number of US state privacy legislation initiatives that have either recently been passed or is under consideration.

Executive Buy-in

In this video, Bob Siegel explains the basics of getting executive buy-ins to one’s program.

Prince Harry and the GDPR

In this video, Ben Siegel gives us a little privacy reference in regards to Prince Harry, his home, and the press.

U.S. Privacy Update

In this video, Linda Brust gives us a quick update on U.S. privacy legislation. For instance, the Washington Privacy Act (WPA) states that Washington residents deserve to enjoy the same level of privacy safeguards as those afforded to EU residents under the GDPR.

Privacy Awareness Ideas

In this video, Linda Brust discusses a few inexpensive ideas on how to foster privacy awareness in your organization.