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Privacy Ref Blog Do you have 1 minute? Check out our New weekly Quick Privacy Ref-erence series.

At Privacy Ref we are always thinking of ways to improve the experience of our followers and clients alike. Weekly on our YouTube channel you will find a relevant privacy topic being discussed in a 1-minute video such as: 

  • Cookies walls and the Dutch DPA – Ben Siegel discusses his research on the Dutch Personal Data Authorities’ guidance on cookies walls and freely given consent. A cookie wall is a notice from the website, informing the user about the use of cookies on the website, without a reject option. Ben provides insight into the difference between functional cookies and tracking cookies and why the Dutch DPA’s advises that websites’ basics functions are to remain available for everyone and not just for those that accept all cookies (including tracking cookies).   
  • Privacy Program Mission Statements – Bob Siegel, President, explains what a privacy program mission statement is and tips on what it typically contains. Bob emphasizes why it is important to your organization to have a clearly defined statement to help you stay focused on long-term goals and convey to the public how you collect, use, share and safeguard their information.  
  • Privacy Compliance – We get a lot of questions from organizations regarding how they know if all the privacy policies and procedures developed are being followed. Bob Siegel, President, gives advice on developing an internal privacy compliance program and what that entails. Bob also answers how to accomplish that without draining your own labor resources, using different services and tools.
  • Consent Requirement – Ben Siegel advising on the requirements of consent according to GDPR. He will briefly discuss the four (4) requirements that must be met in order to process personal information legally. We all know that consent must be freely given, so what are the other three? Check out this brief video to hear what else you must do to meet that GDPR requirement and stay in the know. 
  • California Consumer Protection Act – Senior Consultant Ben Siegel discusses how some of the advancing  amendments can drastically change the CCPA. He also touches on the differences between the terms personal information and household. 
  • Privacy Awareness Ideas – Privacy Consultant Linda Brust offers some very interesting and great ideas on bringing  privacy awareness  to the office and at home. 
  • U.S Privacy Update – Privacy Consultant Linda Brust is giving a quick update on current affairs in the U.S. privacy legislation. Linda also discusses which states a currently working on privacy  bills and if they are leaning more towards CCPA or GDPR. 
  • Prince Harry and the GDPR– Ben Siegel FIP, CIPM, CIPP/E, briefly explores  Prince Harrys’ request to keep photos of his home classified as personal information vs. being classified as public interest. 
  • Executive Buy In– Bob Siegel, President FIP, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP US/G/E/C discusses how to get executives to buy-in to your privacy program by figuring out ways it can generate revenue.