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Privacy Ref and Exterro partnered to deliver enhanced data privacy and compliance solutions

In an era where data privacy and compliance are paramount, this collaboration brings together Privacy Ref’s expertise in developing and improving privacy programs with Exterro’s cutting-edge technology to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of technology and services to establish, monitor, and maintain a defensible privacy program and minimize data risk. By combining Privacy Ref’s deep knowledge of privacy regulations and practices with Exterro’s innovative software solutions, the partnership seeks to empower organizations to navigate the complex landscape of data protection seamlessly.

Privacy Ref is the leading provider of privacy consulting services and the top attended Official Training Partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals in North America. The company focuses on aligning privacy practices with clients’ organizational and operational goals. Their core services include the design, implementation, assessment and review of data privacy programs, privacy training and awareness, and consulting services.

Exterro’s data risk management platform leverages automation, workflow optimization, and responsible AI to give in-house teams granular control over privacy compliance, legal operations, digital investigations, cybersecurity response, and information governance. Powered by deep insight into data derived from its intelligent Data Discovery software, Exterro’s comprehensive Privacy and Data Governance Suite helps organizations streamline, optimize, and automate privacy and data governance processes to meet global regulatory requirements and minimize data risk.

Privacy Ref President Bob Siegel said, “Companies must understand what personal information they have, where it lives, how it’s being processed, and how long it’s retained. For any organization, keeping this information current is a difficult task. Without an intelligent and automated approach to privacy and data governance like the one offered by Exterro, it’s impossible to meet their obligations- whether they’re to the emerging US State Laws, GDPR, LGPD, PIPL, or any other privacy regulation.”

“Exterro is thrilled to partner with Privacy Ref, a widely recognized leader in the privacy consulting space providing the research, planning and strategic insight organizations need to maintain a privacy policy that can evolve in a rapidly changing business environment,” said Bobby Balachandran, Founder and CEO of Exterro. “The combination of Privacy Ref’s consulting expertise with Exterro’s powerful technology suite offers clients a comprehensive, customized solution to their privacy compliance challenges and reduces the risks associated with the valuable customer and employee data they hold.”

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