The Astounding Mishap of Parler

Many of us have become aware that the social media site Parler was essentially shut down after a number of service providers refused it further service. Without cloud services and […]

Data Breach

Havenly Data Breach Havenly, an interior design website, was recently a victim of a data breach. A group or individual hacker was able to gain access to databases containing roughly […]

Human Errors Will Create Privacy Issues

Regardless of the technology you put in place, the safeguards you have implemented, and the training you have provided, ultimately the success of your privacy program relies on the individuals […]

Three privacy thoughts to start 2016

Over the past few days I have been pondering everything that has happened in privacy in 2015 and the impact on organizations. My intent was to write a retrospective blog entry, but […]

I smell a data breach

At the very end of August I changed banks for both personal and business accounts. Of course we received the obligatory debit cards, a total of 4 of them. Last […]

Is your organization prepared for a data breach?

Most companies have a crisis communication plan stashed somewhere. Whether it’s policies and procedures reviewed monthly or updated on a yearly basis, companies must prepare for worst-case scenarios. But has […]

Crisis Communication Plans and Data Breaches

Think of a data breach as not only a possibility, but also a likely crisis scenario for your company. A breach will cost your company not only money but can […]

Technology cannot address all privacy concerns

On any given day there are seminars, webinars, and other talks about security’s role in protecting an enterprise’s information. Each one I attend seems to focus on how technology can […]

Three thoughts on recent privacy breaches

The end of 2013 has brought a flurry of privacy breaches, some big, some small, each with their own circumstances, each with their own implications. Here are three thoughts from […]