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Data Breach

Havenly Data Breach

Havenly, an interior design website, was recently a victim of a data breach. A group or individual hacker was able to gain access to databases containing roughly 1.3 million records. How this information was accessed is unclear, however there is a significant amount of information for these records.

Information accessed includes user account names, full names, zip codes, emails, hashed passwords, and various other information related to the usage of the website. The last 4 digits of the credit card were also involved.

To notify customers, Havenly informed them of the breach and what information was accessed. The message let them know that the information accessed posed little risk to them but encouraged users to change their passwords on their next login, as well as to use different logins for different sites to minimize possible intrusions.

While it is unclear how this information was accessed, it will be interesting to see how it happened. Breaches involving improper storage of data have been rampant as of late, such as leaving information in publicly accessible databases.

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