Valuable functionality can cause a privacy breach

Last Friday it was revealed that reporters from Bloomberg News could retrieve information from the profiles of subscribers to Bloomberg’s data terminals as well as the subscribers’ system usage (NYT […]

Fingerprints, privacy notice, and theme parks

My wife and I recently visited a major theme park and were surprised that our fingerprints were requested when we entered. While I understand the good business reason the fingerprints […]

Who is your staff friending?

Defining a social media policy is a difficult undertaking. It requires a balance of protecting your company’s privacy and restricting your employees’ online activities. When an employee friends a customer […]

Mobile devices and business privacy

Before smartphones there were cameras. Businesses precluded the use of cameras within their premises by policy to protect intellectual property and privacy. Now, mobile devices have changed the rules (or at least […]

SMB privacy: no free pass

Like larger enterprises, small and medium businesses (SMBs) collect personal information about their customers, employees, vendors and other stakeholders; it is just part of doing business. Establishing an SMB privacy […]

Keep your privacy policy simple

Earlier this week a photo was posted on Facebook that was intended to be shared just with friends. The photo was tagged with someone appearing in it allowing tagged person’s […]

Don’t be too quick to publish a privacy notice

Having a privacy notice for customers to review is an essential part of any privacy program. When Delta Airlines added a privacy notice to their mobile app, “Fly Delta”,  to […]

Personal Information From Above

As a child growing up in New York City I always wanted to go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The floats, the balloons, the clowns, the celebrities, the marching […]

Will Sandy cause a privacy nightmare?

The images coming from the New York metropolitan area this week have been mind numbing. Having grown up in the Rockaways has driven home the impact of the devastation that one […]