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Privacy Ref and CyberDefenses Bring Privacy and Security Together

There is a saying that you can have security without privacy, but you cannot have privacy without security. While privacy and security are both concerned with the protection of information held by an organization, security provides the means to meet the business requirements identified to meet privacy demands from regulators, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Privacy Ref works with our clients to improve their business and operational practices for protecting personal information. Increasingly our clients’ have been looking for services to supplement their security practices, tools, and expertise. CyberDefenses fills this role.

Together, with our newly announced partnership, Privacy Ref and CyberDefenses provide comprehensive services to our clients for the protection of information. This partnership helps our clients to

  • identify data protection requirements;
  • assess how their operations meet regulatory requirements, compare to industry best practices, and align with organizational and operational goals;
  • define business processes to protect information;
  • apply security controls to protect against cyberthreats;
  • manage response activities in case of an incident; and
  • provide training to their privacy and security teams.

Our initial offerings provide guidance on the European General Data Protection Directive, a pan-European law that impacts every organization offering goods and services in the EU, even if an organization does not have a physical presence there.

A webinar on Thursday, August 17 will identify How GDPR Affects US Companies. We are also offering the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ GDPR Data Protection Officer Training as both an in-person class (August 28-31) and an on-line class (October 9-12).