Developing your organization's privacy policy is complex. Privacy law is fast evolving, especially as major breaches are bringing data protection into the public eye. PRIVACY REF's assessment, training & awareness, and consulting expertise will guide policy development and implementation.

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Let us find ways to improve your current privacy policy, or look at the policy of one of your vendors.


Training & Awareness

Customized training for your organization on current privacy regulations.



Whether you need a few hours a week, or several days a month, Privacy Ref can help.


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PRIVACY REF focuses on preventative measures to protect you and your customer's data, provides guidance for handling a potential breach in order to minimize damages, and brings lawyer-level expertise at a fraction of the cost. If you need to design or implement a new policy, assess your organization or vendor's current policies, or want to train your staff on the latest rules and regulations, PRIVACY REF can assist.


June 22, 2015

Privacy Ref Client Microfridge Enchances Privacy Policy

Microfridge, a Foxboro, MA based retailer, utilized Privacy Ref for their privacy assessment. Find out what happened and what the results were by reading our case study now.

Latest Blog Post

May 14, 2015

Two-Factor Authentication
Last month, I wrote about my family’s newborn.  I discussed our decision regarding keeping or disclosing information about our child on social media and when one option is better than the other for privacy.  This month, I wanted to take a look at something related to our child, security and authentication.  Specifically how the hospital used multiple forms of two-factor authentication to make sure newborns, and their parents, were matched. Continue reading this post...