Privacy Ref focuses on aligning privacy practices with clients' organizational and operational goals. We design and implement data privacy programs or enhance existing ones, drawing on our experience and industry best practices. Privacy Ref consultants develop custom privacy programs unique to your business needs. Privacy Ref offers one of the most cost-effective approaches to addressing privacy requirements.

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"Their competency in understanding the whole realm of privacy, then working with other staff members has been very helpful and gives us confidence that we are meeting the requirements not only of GDPR, but California, Canada, China … as well as any new ones that arise in the future"

-- TechSmith’s CFO.

Quarterly Data Breach Review

Dec 17, 2019
1:00 PM Edt - 2:00 PM Edt
Led by Ben Siegel
Once a quarter, we will review several recent breaches, discussing what happened and how it could have been prevented.