Lizzy Hill

Privacy Consultant, CIPM, CIPP/US

Lizzy is a Privacy Consultant with a background in writing and data management. She has been writing for her local newspaper since 2017. She spent four years fulfilling data processing requests at Amazon, where she guided internal customers through privacy impact assessments.  

When she joined the team at Privacy Ref in 2021, she began using her eye for grammar and experience in journalism to break down data protection legislation into simple-to-understand language for privacy notices, policies, frameworks, and assessments for a wide range of clients. She puts the customer first, creating deliverables to exceed expectations while also prioritizing efficiency. She draws on her extensive knowledge of various privacy operations management tools to optimize efforts in legal compliance. She also regularly writes for the Privacy Ref blog. 

Lizzy sought her first certification as a OneTrust Certified Privacy Professional in 2021 and maintained it in 2022. She also earned the IAPP’s Privacy Program Management (CIPM) certification in 2022, and US Private Sector Privacy (CIPP/US) in 2023.