CCPA Online Training


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the most sweeping privacy legislation ever implemented in the U.S. Learn about critical questions organization must consider when operationalizing the CCPA. Training includes: […]

European Data Protection CIPP/E – Online Training


This online training provides an in-depth review of GDPR data protection concepts. This online training includes: – CIPP/E Online Training – Digital Textbooks – Digital Sample Questions to help you […]

Privacy in Technology CIPT – Online Training


Privacy in Technology bridges the gap between technology and privacy. It allows technologists to become privacy savvy and privacy pros to be more tech savvy.This training includes: – CIPT online […]

Privacy Program Management CIPM – Online Training


Learn how to implement a privacy program framework, manage a privacy program and structure a privacy team.This online training includes: – CIPM Online Training – Digital Textbooks – Digital Sample […]