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Privacy Pro training online or in person

The global coronavirus situation is having a major impact on all of our lives. Many of us have concerns with meeting in large groups, getting on an airplane or taking other public transportation, going to a restaurant, staying in a hotel, or simply sitting in a small meeting with people with whom we are not familiar.

Some governments are taking extreme measures to protect their citizens. Some organizations have put restrictions on travel or are implementing work-at-home protocols to protect employees. Someone planning to take a class to extend their career or expand their privacy knowledge may be impacted by this situation.

Until now, Privacy Ref, an Official Training Partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals , has offered Privacy Pro training only in person. You had to come to our offices in Delray Beach, FL, Nashua, NH, or Houston, TX to take a class from our team. Now these same classes will be offered online by delivering each class to a combined audience. Through the use of video conferencing, online and in person attendees will participate as one class.

In our Privacy Pro training offerings, Privacy Ref offers a unique learning environment by keeping classes small. This allows us to deeply dive into topics that are of special interest to our attendees as well as allow the participants to more easily share their personal experiences. Also, we guarantee that every class will be held even if only one student registers.

Our Privacy Pro classes use the content provided by the IAPP so our students are getting the highest quality content from top instructors. All of our instructors are active privacy consultants and recognized by the IAPP as Fellows of Information Privacy so their knowledge is practical and up-to-date in an ever changing privacy environment. Our team has trained over 7,000 privacy professionals.

For more information, see our Privacy Pro training schedule on our website at .