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Preparing for new privacy laws.

A true privacy professional will tell you that a privacy program doesn’t have a beginning or an ending. Data privacy is an ever-evolving discipline, where liabilities and risks are incessant. New laws and amendments are continuously being introduced in the effort to improve personal data protection. Privacy officers spend countless hours researching to maintain best practices in their privacy program and stay in line with the mission, policies and procedures of the company. In an effort to better help you prepare for new privacy laws we have put together some helpful tips to consider based on some of our past experiences (found in actual Privacy Ref case studies

• Complete an assessment of potential risks to determine how well your company is postured to address those risks.
• Find the right guide for the journey. Privacy laws are perpetually changing so you want reliable resources for fact checking and real-time information. A large professional association of U.S. federal enterprise risk managers appreciate the fact that Privacy Ref’s partnership approach ensures that our services can scale with their growth, guided by the checklist we mapped out following their assessment. (
• Stick to trusted, proven frameworks, then modify them to meet your unique needs.
• Identify the most important privacy needs to address at your particular point on the privacy and corporate spectrum.
• A global software company thought that identifying and contracting a Data Protection Officer might be in their best interest. As a DPO or as a consultant to your company Privacy Ref can assist with time consuming activities like the following and more:
✓ Building or improving privacy policies and practices
✓ Identifying and providing guidance on mitigating risks
✓ Defining scope and improve maturity of privacy practices
✓ Helping to research and address the impact of new laws
✓ Ensuring proper structure of contracts
✓ Providing training at all levels of the organization (
• Keep your privacy team up to date. Training and awareness are critical to a successful privacy program no matter how robust it may already be. Each employee must know the organization’s privacy policies, how those policies apply to business goals, and where they intersect with that employee’s role.
• Privacy Ref is an Official Training Partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. We have taught over 7,000 privacy students. Privacy Ref’s classes are GUARANTEED to run and have a 6- person maximum. For Privacy Ref’s full training schedule please visit our website.

Privacy Ref can also provide clients with non-branded, module-based, customized training based on department and function and on the amount of personal data they process. Other training options available are instructor-led, webinar, or computer-based training.

Privacy Ref is designed and organized to optimize the services offered to each client, helping them to fill their particular privacy gaps. Privacy Ref has tools and knowledgeable workers in place to complete necessary tasks to reduce liability and risk to your organization.

Privacy Ref emphasizes alignment of privacy practices with clients’ organizational and operational goals through assessment, consulting, coaching, and training services. We offer tailored solutions that enhances current or develop new, effective data privacy programs using our experience and industry best practices. Your goals drive the hands-on approach of Privacy Ref consultants. Our team uses processes that minimize disruption in day-to-day operations, then creates a custom privacy program unique to your business needs. Privacy Ref offers one of the most cost-effective approaches to privacy in the industry.

For additional information please call Kimberly Richardson at (888) 470-1528 ext. 804, email us at or visit our website at