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Privacy Ref offers an extensive privacy training catalog for those who want to master their privacy skills and advance their careers in today’s competitive marketplace.

Privacy Ref offers a range of privacy training and awareness options based on your organization’s needs. Our offerings include:

Privacy Pro Training

Organizational Training

Privacy Academy

Privacy Pro Training

International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) training courses

As an Official Training Partner of the IAPP, we offer a full suite of their official courses, including in-person or live online training, and self-paced training videos for privacy professionals and teams looking to expand their privacy knowledge. Our instructors are certified IAPP Fellows of Information Privacy with current, real-world experience, and our training classes are guaranteed to run.

In-person or live online courses uniquely include:

  • Experienced IAPP FIP instructor-led training
  • Participant guide, both hard copy and digital
  • Voucher for certification exam
  • Sample questions to prepare for the exam
  • Digital and hard copy of the textbook
  • 1-year IAPP membership with 1st course (applied to renewal for current IAPP members)
  • Voucher for a Privacy Ref Certification Study Group at no charge (to be used within 3 months)
  • Free refresher course should you fail the IAPP exam
  • Privacy Pro Packages available at a discounted rate. (See Organizational Training for more details)

*IAPP exam must be taken within three months of completing the course. Free re-fresher course must be taken within three months of completing the IAPP exam

Certification Study Groups: A two-hour session where you will be able to ask questions and hone your understanding for upcoming exams. Sessions are led by one of our top consultants.

Governance Workshop: This workshop allows you to put privacy program management theory into practice. Focused on growing and improving collaboration within your privacy team, activities include:

  • Writing your mission/vision statement
  • Defining your scope
  • Identifying your participants and stakeholders
  • Designating your extended team
  • Setting the privacy program activities
  • Choosing mechanisms to ensure compliance with your program
  • Using/finding tools to estimate the cost of a data breach
  • Introducing methods to compare your program to an industry standard

Organizational Training

Privacy-trained employees are an asset to any organization ensuring they understand the privacy landscape and your policies and procedures. This allows the staff to fulfill their specific roles while properly protecting personal information. We offer unrivaled corporate training programs including:

Privacy Pro Team Packages:

Each package includes several seats for classes at discounted rates, which may be used in any of the following ways:

  • Any designated staff member may sign up for any of the IAPP classes we offer
  • Seats may be used to schedule a private session of an IAPP class for your organization (a minimum of seven (7) attendees is required)
  • Seats must be used within one (1) year of purchase

Foundations of Privacy and Data Protection:

Train your teams in the most fundamental privacy concepts and practices. This course will cover:

  • Key privacy concepts
  • Fair information practices (FIPs)
  • Data life cycle
  • Models for data protection regulations
  • Major privacy and data protection laws
  • Case studies
  • Emerging privacy topics

Custom Privacy Training Videos:

Let our team develop a privacy training video for your organization featuring your brand, your policies and procedures, your company scenarios, and even real employees. All training is SCORM compatible allowing for quizzes to be included. Multiple languages are also supported.

Awareness Videos:

Need to get out a quick refresher about your privacy messages that is engaging and comprehensive? We will develop a three-to-five-minute privacy awareness video, drawing attention to key privacy issues that matter to you and your organization.

Privacy Academy

Throughout your organization, you have individuals who are responsible for personal information. Regardless of their being in the privacy office or part of an operational team, these people need to understand the basics of privacy.

Our Introduction to Privacy is a great way to teach your staff about privacy basics, and our free webinars will keep them up to date with timely topics. Privacy Academy is open to the public. It can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Introduction to Privacy:

This two-hour training will cover the basics of privacy, responding to privacy incidents, and basic regulations that may affect your organization.

Free Webinars

Need to keep up to date with the changing privacy landscape? We hold monthly conversations where our staff and special guests take a deep dive into current events happening globally and topics that have an impact on the decision-making, processing, or transfer of personal data.

Listen in as our panel of privacy experts discuss the latest in privacy challenges, incidents/data breaches, reviews, privacy programs, tips, and more.

Each month we hold a Quarterly Breach Review to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of how these events are handled. Our free webinars are an effective way to keep up to date with privacy matters.