How to win employee participation in cybersecurity

In any cybersecurity program, as with a privacy program, the team leading the program relies on the cooperation and participation of the average employee. Here are some tips for getting employees involved in efforts sparked by the occurrence of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Automate processes An...

AI criteria: Measuring Necessity

In May I presented a privacy focused look into artificial intelligence. I went over 7 criteria to review prior to implementing any use of AI. The first of these was necessity, whether aspects of the proposed use of AI is needed or not. As part of a series of blogs, I will go over what […]

AI voice scams

How to respond to AI voice scams I read a post on Facebook this morning warning me of the risk of my voice being collected for an AI voice scam. The post said that a woman answered a call from an unknown number, and the person on the other end seemed to intentionally be asking […]

Iowa Privacy Law

Iowa establishes a state privacy law In March, a new privacy law was approved in Iowa, which makes them the sixth state to establish a general privacy law for residents. Here are the top three things to know about the Iowa law and what your business needs to do to comply. 1    ...

A proposal for an AI Risk Framework

The use of artificial intelligence has become more common place and so I have begun reading and researching more about AI with regards to privacy. AI is a topic of interest for many not only because it allows for increased efficiency in many areas, but also because it opens up new ways to analyze...

CIPP Exam Advice

I had promised Bob that I would take the CIPP/US exam “before the end of 2022” and pushed that to the limit. On December 27th, I took the exam and passed. Lots of people ask for advice on how to study, what to study, or tips for taking the test itself. I cannot share actual […]

Learning From Nerds: Please Read the Rules

It has been no secret that I am a nerd. One place my inner nerd particularly surfaces is my love of board games. From your most basic game of Scrabble, in depth games of Catan, or diving deep into a euro-game with an encyclopedia sized rulebook, I am ready to go. There is a lot […]

In person training is back!

COVID is not over, but life is returning to what is being called “normal”. I’m looking forward to traveling, seeing my family, eating in restaurants, going to the movies, and returning to working with people face-to-face. Professionally, I miss teaching in person.