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Privacy team GO!

It is a fairly common trope in comic books or other superhero media where the invincible villain is on the brink of victory only to be foiled at the last moment by an Achilles heel. “NOOO” they cry out; “My one weakness, how did you know!??!” Then the hero makes a pun, saves the day, and everyone goes home.

Of course, this also goes the other way, where our hero is crippled by a strange rock made of some material or they are exposed to something yellow (no, I am not kidding). However, there are lessons here relative to data privacy.

Overspecialization can be a real problem in any field. If all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail after all. This is why so many superheroes are part of a team or work with others to cover their weaker areas. For every super-powered muscle guy, there is a brainy tech dude who supports him. This same model works well when it comes to your privacy team.

You want someone who is great at researching and understanding laws, someone else who knows how to write policy, and another who is awesome at training or building awareness campaigns. Each individual contributes a strength leading to a solid team that is greater than the sum of each member.

Sometimes your situation does not allow for this ideal scenario. You have a single person or a small team where everyone wears many hats. You might not have the budget or resources to support the perfect super privacy team. Either way, you can still get the focused help when and where you need it.
Think of it like a crossover episode where you bring in someone else to take down a major challenge.

Sometimes, this implies asking for help or bringing in consultants, for example. Being able to diversify your team is key and you want to have additional resources and allies you can pull from.  Superheroes need a sidekick too.