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Privacy Comes at a Price

At Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference last week, the message was all about Privacy. Apple has been more privacy-minded than other tech companies – that’s not news and it’s why I have an iPhone.

They’ve introduced some interesting privacy features, such as showing location tracking, which I think is pretty cool. I don’t leave my location setting on, rather turn it on when I need directions and then back off. It’s tedious, but I’m not confident that when I’ve turned off location services, apps aren’t tracking me even though I said “no”. Sadly, I don’t think no means no on the Internet. So, I’ll be able to see if I’m right or wrong.

My only issue with one company using privacy as a selling/branding feature, is that it’s only available to those who can afford these products. Privacy is for every individual and that’s why strong federal legislation is needed to rein in the platforms, apps, device-makers, ISPs, etc. so that all are held to a higher standard.

If you can’t afford an Apple product, I don’t think you should pay with your privacy.