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Privacy Certification Exam Study Groups

Recently, Privacy Ref introduced study groups to assist in preparation for IAPP certification exams. It is a need to be filled that I have seen for a while and been asked about in my role as an instructor for the IAPP. The question is what makes Privacy Ref Certification Study Groups different?

Active not passive

Study groups are a mechanism for a group of certification candidates to get together and share their knowledge about a subject. In the case of a privacy certification, the candidate pool is very broad. There are some participants who have privacy experience and others that are just joining the profession. With this variety in backgrounds, it is difficult for a study group to meet the needs of all the participants.

A passive study group, for example an on-line Facebook or LinkedIn group, can provide artifacts and comments, but the responses to questions and other comments may be delayed until someone gets around to checking social media.

An active approach, used by Privacy Ref, allows for real time sharing of artifacts, links, commentary, and responses to questions allowing for an engaging experience with the other attendees and facilitators. Using a video conferencing tool, the Privacy Ref Certification Study Groups allow for the participants to talk to each other to share knowledge. It also allows for the sharing of comments, artifacts, and links using the tool’s chat feature and, of course, using the video platform to display relevant artifacts as well.

Focused discussions

The agenda for each session of a Privacy Ref Certification Study Group is based upon the IAPP’s Body of Knowledge and Exam Blueprint for the certification being discussed. We do not attempt to cover everything in a certification in one session, but focus on one or two topic areas as described in the Body of Knowledge.

To get the conversation started, the Privacy Ref facilitator will have several questions about each topic to be covered. The facilitator will then take a Socratic approach to dive deeper into the subject matter.

You can always raise an area for the group to discuss. This may be done by simply bringing a topic up to the group or proposing a question in an email to an address et up specifically for this purpose.

Experienced discussion leaders

The Privacy Ref facilitators are experienced privacy professionals. Each is recognized as a Fellow of Information Privacy by the IAPP and they have achieved certification that is the subject of the group.

Since Privacy Ref is an Official Training Partner of the IAPP, our facilitators have also taught the IAPP developed courses related to the certification they lead.

Small groups

Finally, we keep groups small to allow for everyone to participate. No more than 20 participants are allowed in any group. If participation is high and we run out of time, we keep the discussion going. We are here to help you achieve your certification.

For more information…

…and our current schedule, visit our Certification Study Groups page.