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Practice Makes Perfect

Over the course of 2020 I have learned that practice does indeed make perfect. At the very least, practice does help you improve. An issue can be finding where to start, especially when covering a new topic. Making use of outside resources and other professionals is one option and is often the best choice for setting you on the right path.

One of the most common examples of this trope is found in comic books. Many superheroes that do not have superpowers train themselves to superhuman levels of speed, skill, and intelligence. Daredevil from Marvel or Batman from DC both are regular human beings who trained for years to become strong, fast, and keen. While they are not dealing with planet-threatening issues on a regular basis, they are incredibly capable with handling the issues at hand.

So how does this apply to a privacy professional? Well, you do not have a secret organization of martial artists trained in the ways of data privacy to hide you away in the mountains for decades of training. What you do have is the training and resources of the privacy organization. Privacy Ref hosts a monthly webinar on a variety of topics related to privacy and we have several courses for those looking for certification by the IAPP. By accessing these resources, you can leverage the expertise of others and have a firm place to start your studying. Essentially, you can know where to start and what to practice by using the guidance of others.

Now start practicing your privacy skills and be ready to show your stuff when the time comes. The more you study and practice, the better you will be when the time comes to save the day from the challenges of compliance or the insidious privacy incident!