Governance Workshop

Ensuring that your privacy team members are working in a common direction is fundamental to the success of your program. Whether you have a group of dedicated privacy professionals or a core team comprised of part time participants with other responsibilities, being clear about the goals, objectives, strategies, and activities to be undertaken is vital.

Privacy Ref’s Governance Workshop allows your privacy team to establish a common foundation for a privacy program and its related activities. If you are establishing a new privacy program or need to reground your current program, this workshop provides the opportunity to develop the foundational components for your privacy program. The Governance Workshop allows you to put privacy program management theory into practice. Activities include:

  • Defining your mission/vision statement
  • Defining your scope
  • Identifying your participants and stakeholders
  • Defining the privacy program activities
  • Defining your extended team
  • Mechanisms to measure compliance with your program
  • Tools to estimate the cost of a data breach
  • Methods to compare your program to an industry-standards

The Workshop can take place either in person or via video conferencing over two days. We recommend that privacy stakeholders from outside of your privacy team be invited to participate.

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