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Privacy Quick Start™ training

Throughout your organization, you have individuals who are responsible for personal information. Regardless of their being in the privacy office or part of an operational team, these people need to understand the basics of privacy. Privacy Quick Start™ helps you establish this knowledge in a three (3) hours live, on-line class.

Privacy Ref’s Quick Start training provides an understanding of the fundamental privacy concepts and ideas. Many privacy professionals are already experienced with these concepts, however, their organization is not. Quick Start gives these individuals the core understanding they need to work more effectively with your privacy department.

Quick Start covers the basics of privacy, responding to privacy incidents, and basic regulations that may affect your organization. This takes place in a 3-hour course led by one of Privacy Ref’s subject matter experts.

Please contact Privacy Ref at or call (888)470-1528 for more information.

Training for everyone on your team