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Best Practices for Working Remotely

Working remotely has become the norm. Whether at home, a coffee shop, a hotel, your car, or any other location, technology has allowed us to work remotely while continuing to collaborate with our peers.

When working from the office there are controls in place to protect confidential information. These controls may not be in place when working remotely putting confidential information at risk as well as your own personal information. The challenge is to determine how to work remotely providing the same level of protections for information that would exist in your office.

This session will explore the risks you may encounter when working remotely and how you may address them. We will explore good practices for:

  • Creating a “work remotely” policy
  • Securing your computer
  • Protecting your network connection
  • Establishing strong passwords
  • Tips for using your mobile devices
  • Handling confidential papers
  • Guarding against scams
  • Protecting your personal information
  • Setting up a home workspace