Is there a National Do Not Mail List?

And how does it affect my marketing activities? Opt-out mechanisms for consumers For companies engaged in direct marketing activities, the opt-out mechanism is a known and growing complicating element. The […]

Learning From Nerds: Please Read the Rules

It has been no secret that I am a nerd. One place my inner nerd particularly surfaces is my love of board games. From your most basic game of Scrabble, […]

Scope Creep

When new technologies arrive on the scene, there is a rush to use them everywhere. Bluetooth technology led to including it in almost any new product regardless of whether it […]

New US federal data privacy bill review

How does the draft US federal privacy bill measure up to the GDPR? Months after the “agreement in principle” between the EU and the US for a new ‘Trans-Atlantic Data […]

Risk Ranking

In my last webinar about privacy impact assessments, there were some questions about risk and how to rank it. There are several ways to determine risk rankings as well as […]

Empathy in privacy

Where is empathy’s place in privacy? In the middle of April, I attended the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Global Privacy Summit and came back with a few impressions. One […]

The Customer Service Privacy Dilemma

One of the toughest jobs in any company is Customer Service. I am thinking of those folks who are on the phone for their entire shift responding to customer questions […]

Privacy Lip Service

A few weeks back I expressed the opinion that Americans do not care much about privacy. I based this conclusion on both a lack of drive pushing privacy legislation forward […]