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No Shortage of Privacy Information

At 32-pages, the proposed, modified regulations for the CCPA, are much shorter than the actual law.  That 10,000+ word law has had Privacy professionals crazy busy during the last year. If the CCPA regulations are “short”, then what’s not in short supply is an avalanche of information where privacy is concerned.

There are a variety of commercial – and often free – resources for privacy these days. Law firms have blogs, reports and monthly updates, even repositories of global laws and regulations. I have my favorites.  LinkedIn is a great resource if your feed is tuned to privacy. And the ever-growing number of privacy platform service providers are all generous with their content. Webinars abound! (Check out ours) Just sign up and if you don’t attend, you can always listen later. There are some real nuggets out there.

But what does this mean for the in-house privacy person that’s trying to solve for CCPA “X”?  Or, in-house counsel trying to determine if there’s a Data Protection Addendum that satisfies both GDPR and CCPA? That’s when privacy expertise comes in to drill down and address an organization’s specific environment and unique needs. Experience in multiple industries and levels of privacy program management can cut through the noise and support your current needs.

Privacy consultants can assess your program and help you build for the future. Privacy programs weren’t built in a day, but they are definitely an asset to organizations relying on personal information. And if that’s not enough reason to get experts involved, then consider there’s many more states that have introduced privacy laws equal to or exceeding the CCPA. Check out to learn more about how we can help you solve for “X” where privacy is concerned.