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How much personal data did your cup of coffee cost you today?

A simple trip to your local coffee shop or visit to their website to browse or place a pick-up order can lead to divulging more personal information than you may have intended. Starting an account, signing up for a rewards program or simply completing a transaction will have you literally giving away your first and last name, email address, phone number, username, password, billing address, your birthday, your credit card number and who knows what else before you even taste your coffee.

I personally find it strange how willing we still are to give personal data for let’s say a free cup of coffee after making 10 purchases of $6.00 coffee. The rewards are generally so trivial and yet we act like we are trading one free thing for another of equal value. Why are we so inclined to divulge our most identifying information for such simple pleasures, when we can simply decline and really would not have lost a thing? Why are we so quick to press that yes button, instead of no. The simplest answer is convenience. It is so much easier to click the yes button and answer no follow up questions. If you do not just select yes, you usually have to choose other preferences. Other preferences will likely lead to follow up questions and require more reading to get to the no that you are truly looking for and that will preserve your personal data. It may take a couple more minutes of my time, but I sleep better at the end of the day.

Last question, what other valuables and assets are you willing to trade for a cup of coffee?

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