New York Privacy Law

In this video, Ben Siegel updates us on the new state privacy laws, specifically the New York Privacy Law, which was inspired by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Executive Buy-in

In this video, Bob Siegel explains the basics of getting executive buy-ins to one’s program.

Prince Harry and the GDPR

In this video, Ben Siegel gives us a little privacy reference in regards to Prince Harry, his home, and the press.

U.S. Privacy Update

In this video, Linda Brust gives us a quick update on U.S. privacy legislation. For instance, the Washington Privacy Act (WPA) states that Washington residents deserve to enjoy the same level of privacy safeguards as those afforded to EU residents under the GDPR.

Privacy Awareness Ideas

In this video, Linda Brust discusses a few inexpensive ideas on how to foster privacy awareness in your organization.

Cookie Walls and the Dutch DPA

In this video, Ben Siegel discusses his research on the Dutch Personal Data Authorities’ guidance, regarding cookie walls and freely given consent. A cookie wall is a notice from the website, informing the user about the use of cookies on the website. This is all without a reject option. In some ...

Consent Requirement

In this video, Ben Siegel advising on the requirements of consent according to GDPR. He will briefly discuss the 4 requirements that must be met in order to process personal information legally. In this scenario trust me on this one. Ignorance won’t be bliss, being that it comes with heavy fines....