Let’s talk about HIPAA

Do you know what HIPAA stands for? What does HIPAA protect? Are there any exemptions? Watch this short video to get the answers.

Collaboration Tools

Privacy Notice on Collaboration Tools In this video Bob Siegel talks about collaboration tools in the market, urging companies to read the privacy notice to ensure the information sent over with those tools is being properly protected.  Stay informed! Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTu...

New York Privacy Law

In this video, Ben Siegel updates us on the new state privacy laws, specifically the New York Privacy Law, which was inspired by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Executive Buy-in

In this video, Bob Siegel explains the basics of getting executive buy-ins to one’s program.

Prince Harry and the GDPR

In this video, Ben Siegel gives us a little privacy reference in regards to Prince Harry, his home, and the press.

U.S. Privacy Update

In this video, Linda Brust gives us a quick update on U.S. privacy legislation. For instance, the Washington Privacy Act (WPA) states that Washington residents deserve to enjoy the same level of privacy safeguards as those afforded to EU residents under the GDPR.

Privacy Awareness Ideas

In this video, Linda Brust discusses a few inexpensive ideas on how to foster privacy awareness in your organization.