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My path towards privacy

My path towards a career in the privacy field was a circuitous route. As a perennially engaged Political Organizer and activist, information privacy and data management would not have been the most obvious path for my next endeavor. However, after serving on a campaign that featured the most famous political data breach in history, privacy and the importance of data management came crashing into my life.

An infamous firm called Cambridge Analytica and the ignominious penetration caused by the Podesta phishing email altered the course of life for myself and countless other political organizers and operatives. I returned home intent on finding opportunity in this calamitous failure. I decided to polish and then publish a manuscript that I spent several previous years writing. My first published book became an Amazon Best Seller in its category.

After enjoying this respite from politics, I wanted to return to the professional world but I was unsure of where to make my next entre. I have meandered through numerous fields with a degree in Bioengineering, a long career in Political Campaign Management and as a recent author, I knew that I could serve in numerous capacities. The opportunity to become a Jr. Privacy Consultant for Privacy Ref Inc seemed like a fortuitous course, conjoining all of my previous experiences.

Privacy and politics

In all of my careers, I can attest that few fields could benefit more from Privacy Consulting more then the political world. The copious amounts of data and the often lose practices provide numerous vulnerabilities for exposure. The opportunity to enter such an important field as privacy that is rapidly growing in its prominence was indeed an excellent opportunity.

As an author, I have brought my talents to bear by polishing deliverables and expediting work products. My technical education in Engineering, experience with Technical Writing and background in developing communications that simply complex policy initiatives have all related well to my new role with Privacy Ref Inc. My path toward Privacy has indeed been circuitous but it has brought all of my experiences into alignment.

Privacy Ref provides consulting and assessment services to build and improve organizational privacy programs. For more information call Privacy Ref at (888) 470-1528 or email us at

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Andre Samuels

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