Training and Awareness

Privacy Ref offers training for the privacy professional and customized organizational training.

Privacy Professional Training

Want to get away for a little privacy…? Come join Privacy Ref for two-days of Privacy Pro training and learn critical privacy concepts while gaining essential skills to advance your career and elevate your leadership profile. See our Privacy Pro Training Schedule.

Privacy Ref’s consultants have taught over 6,000 professionals using the world’s most highly regarded industry training content in a robust, interactive and engaging way. Our instructors are experts in the industry with real-world experience and incorporate insightful examples into the discussions.

These courses, using content from the International Association of Privacy Professionals, are ideal for privacy professionals and other associates needing the tools to implement and lead or participate in a successful program. Classes held at our office locations do not exceed six people. This optimizes interactions among participants and instructors and ensures that classes provide applicable insights for each company represented.

If a student has registered for a class, Privacy Ref GUARANTEES the class will run!

The content of the courses is integral to broadening your knowledge, educating your privacy team and put you on the path obtaining your privacy certifications . The courses are available in your choice of instructor-led, computer-based or, live webinar formats.

Courses Offered:

• U.S. Private-Sector Privacy (CIPP/US)
• European Data Protections (CIPP/E)
• Privacy Program Management (CIPM)
• Privacy in Technology (CIPT)

Courses Include:

• Experienced instructor-led training
• Participant guide
• Voucher for the certification exam
• Sample questions to prepare for exam
• Copy of the textbook
• 1-year IAPP membership with 1st course (Applied to renewal for current IAPP members)

Customized Employee Training     

Privacy professionals spend countless hours reviewing laws and regulations to make sure the policies and procedures keep their organizations compliant. Once the research is completed, the next step is to share this information with their employees.

While the market offers several products to train your team on privacy concepts, they do not allow for tailoring the content to include your business policies and procedures. Cookie cutter privacy training just doesn’t work.

Privacy Ref’s customized training covers all the need-to-know fundamentals plus regulatory and legal content. Then we personalize these topics to align with your organization’s policies and procedures. Depending on your organization’s needs, Privacy Ref’s training may be instructor-led, computer based, or a live webinar.

Privacy Ref provides on-site training for organizations both large and small.  We can help your current team to stay up to date on the most current policies and best practices, keeping your privacy program at its best.  It is important to note that having a well trained staff reduces the chances of breaches due to internal error drastically.

Privacy Fundamentals

Are you concerned about your customers and organization’s Privacy, but don’t know where to start?  Privacy Ref’s new class offering “Privacy Fundamentals” addresses the basics of a Privacy program including:

  • What is Privacy?
  • Four essentials of a Privacy program (Roles, Policies/Notices, Data Lifecycle, Privacy by Design)
  • Data Breach Response
  • Regulations and best practices

Privacy issues continue to capture headlines around the globe, from new regulations such as the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and data breaches like those at Capital One and Equifax.  Privacy Ref will teach you key understandings and practices so you can better protect your customers, building trust and value.  We’ll cover predominant regulations, so you can assess where your program has gaps and how to start building a proactive, compliant privacy program.

Join Privacy Ref and begin your fundamental journey to understanding Privacy.

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