All privacy programs must meet the same legal and regulatory requirements, regardless of size. At some point, every program requires assistance to achieve its goals. Whether your need is an interim privacy officer, a Data Protection Officer, on-demand subject matter expertise, or project resources, we can deliver a scalable solution to fit.

Project dedicated resources

Privacy Ref’s consultants provide the expert privacy resources necessary to participate in a project from the planning stage and oversight of all aspects of your project to executing individual tasks. Privacy Ref works closely with you to clarify the scope, schedule and deliverables. Privacy Ref will provide short-term or ongoing assistance, depending on your needs and will take the steps necessary to ensure the project is on schedule and within budget.

Privacy resources when you need them

No matter how much planning we do, life tends to happen. Demands can exceed staff resources for planned or unplanned projects. Staffing requirements are also impacted by changing business needs, new customer demands, or legal/regulatory changes that must be addressed.

Privacy Ref’s On-Demand Privacy Resources service puts needed expert professional resources at your fingertips. Whether to provide research, expert advice, draft policies and procedures, training, or any other privacy related activity, a Privacy Ref team member will be available to assist.

Let Privacy Ref be your Privacy Office / Data Protection Officer

Meeting privacy regulatory and customer requirements can be a tedious and costly endeavor.  It takes research, planning and strategizing to implement and maintain a continuously evolving privacy policy. 

Many organizations do not have the expertise or the inclination to staff a specialized privacy function. Privacy Ref’s Privacy Office as a Service handles that for you. Letting us become your privacy office allows you to focus on the moneymaking aspects of your business. Privacy Ref constantly monitors changes in laws and regulations and works with you to ensure your operations stay in compliance at a fraction the cost of hiring a staff privacy expert.

Privacy Ref can also serve as your Data Protection Officer to meet the requirements of GDPR Article 29 requirements. For our clients, we have a partnership with a European Representative to meet GDPR Article 27 requirements as an option under this program.

Want to find out more?

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